Siswari Yuniarti, Susilo Hadi, Agus Dwi, Endang Soelistyowati


Arthritis Gout is joint inflammation as manifestation of monosodium cristal
accumulation colected crystal in joint area. Recurrence level of Arthritis Gout in client is
different sign symptoms in every individual. Main factor causing recurrence that are dietary
pattern. The research aimed to identify description of dietary pattern and recurrence cause in
client with Arthritis Gout treated in Puskesmas Krembangan Selatan Surabaya. This research
uses descriptive method. The popullation in this study were client who visited arthritis Gout
in the community health center south krembangan surabaya. Larges sample taken 25
respondents, with a sampling technique using a Purposive Sampling. Data collection
instrument used questionnaire. This research variable of dietary pattern and sign symptoms
arthritis gout reccurence. Research results of dietary pattern and sign symptoms of client with
Arthritis Gout recurrence cause who visited health center south krembangan surabaya.
Showed that as many as 25 respondent from dietary pattern to know after client consume
seafood experience severe symptom sign (75%). While eat a kind of an animal in client
experience had symptom sign (44%). And then eat a kind of nabati experience mild symptom
sign (34%). Many this symptom sign is a had level (44%). To experience severe symptom
sign of (20%). The higher consumption eat a kind contains high purin value more big at risk
Arthritis Gout in client experience recurence wether mild, intermediate and severe. Then
client lose his/her self confidence concerning with the health condition.Based on the results
of this researchis a expected to know must limit eat a kind for Arthritis Goutclient, routine
control. This health department expected make a leaflet eat a kind graf and purin value can be
consumption Arthritis Gout client.
Keywords : Dietary Pattern, Arthritis Gout Recurrence

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