Lisa McKenna


Nursing has evolved significantly in recent decades and continues to develop in new many
directions. Like knowledge in other fields, the knowledge underpinning nursing changes
rapidly. With this comes new technologies to assist in the provision of health care which
nurses need to be able to utilise effectively. Increasing focus on patient safety and quality,
along with better informed consumers, means that nurses must be increasingly knowledgeable
and accountable and use evidence to support their practice, as well as generate knowledge to
inform nursing practice. They must have the skills to participate effectively within the
interprofessional team. Issues such as globalisation of the workforce and generational change
further pose new challenges in maintaining a responsive and well educated workforce. This
presentation will explore these issues in the context of the need for providing contemporary
nursing education in order to meet the changing health care environment and ensure optimal
patient and community health outcomes. It will also introduce some of the emerging
educational models in response to such changes.
Keywords: nursing education, challenges, oppotunities

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