Farida Wahyu Ningtyias, Irma Prasetyowati, Ida Srisurani Wiji Astuti, Siti Muslicha, Ahmad Nafi’, Ahmad Haryono


The good procurement of the food in a boarding school has guarantee the nutritional needs
of the students. This study aims to describe the implementation of the food in the boarding school in
the district of Jember. This type of research is qualitative research with descriptive approach using
primary and secondary data. The informant in this study is the executive management of the boarding
school and the cheff manager. The Processing and analyzing of data is using content analysis and
presented in narrative form and quote. The results showed a third implementation of the boarding
school was a self-managed non-commercial. The executive manager was Ning (daughter of the owner
of boarding school) or coordinator of ustadzah (teacher). Only NI boarding school that has a menu
cycle i.e 10 days cycle menu, budget planning is done by those responsible for food manager and
Ndalem (family members of the owner of boarding house). Purchases made directly groceries every
day, which storage was FIFO. Food preparation is done two times, in the morning hours of 6:00 pm
and 15:00 pm. There was no calculation for nutritional adequacy andthe students consumption were
still in the deficit category. Food procurement in a boarding school need to increase with planning
optimizing, so it’s fulfill the students needed to have a good growth and performance

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