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igarette smoke is the main cause of lung obstruction. One of the obstructions in real that is
caused by cigarette smoke is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress trigger inflammation response occur and
lung obstruction. Cigarette smoke able to cause lung histopathology changes like lungs obstruction on
alveolus wall. Red dragon fruit extract tackle free radical then able to against the oxidative stress. The
objective of this study to examines the image of rat lung histopathology under exposed cigarette smoke.
Twenty four Wistar rats divided four groups: negative control, positive control, red dragon fruit extract
treatment of 7,2 g/200 g WB, and red dragon fruit extract10,8 g/200 g WB. Negative control only given
standard feed. Positive control given standar feed and exposed 21 cigarette per day. Treatment group
given feed during 21 days. In the 22nd day rats be sacrificed, the lung taken out for observation and
image of rat lung histopathology changes by making lung organ histopathology preparation
hematoxicillin Eosion (HE) staining and observed under magnification light microscope 400x. The end
result of the study indicate the finding of changes in lung histopathology such as obstruction level over
the lung tissue higher, alveolar macrophage covered alveoli after being exposed cigarette smoke. Group
which does not exposed cigarette smoke, lung alveolus macrophage in normal condition, there are no
obstruction or alveolus macrophage occurred, its alveolar macrophage does no covering alveoli.
Treatment group administered fruit dragon extract dose 10,8 g/200 g WB and dose 7,2 g/200 g WB seem
almost the same with negative control treatment. Conclusion of the research is cigarette smoke expose
can influence the number of alveolar macrophage on wistar rats. Suggestion very required further
research on oxdative stress parameter

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