Semino ., Edi Pujo Basuki


Language is not always neutrally utilized by a politician. It is framed to persuade people
to think and act in line with the intention of the orator or the ideology of the group he represents.
This study dealt with ideological discourse analysis of Obama speech in Cairo. It focused on the
cognitive processes showing the link of the ideology structure and discourse structures. This study
was (1) to identify the underpinning ideology of the speech, (2) how the ideology structure link with
the discourse structures employed, covering (a) how the ideology was expressed at global meaning
level and at local meaning level, (b) how propositional structures were employed as ideology controlled strategy, (c) how sentence syntax was employed as ideology –controlled strategy, (d) how
discourse forms or genres were employed as an ideology-controlled strategy, and (e) how styles
were employed as persuasive ideology-controlled strategy in his efforts to frame peace. The framework of the research was Critical Discourse Analysis in general and Ideological Discourse Analysis
in particular. So Ideological Discourse Analysis in this study was employed as Theory and Method.
The data were the text of Obama’s speech in Cairo 2009. The data in the form of quotes were
analyzed, and interpreted by employing Critical Discourse Analysis (Fairclough, 1995) to uncover
the underpinning ideology of the speech, and Ideological Discourse Analysis to show the link of the
ideology structure and the discourse structures employed in the speech. The results were in the
form of the description of the cognitive processes showing how the underpinning ideology was
expressed at different levels of discourse structures for the purpose of framing peace

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