Implementasi Algoritma Wagner-Within pada Manajemen Inventori di PT X

Puspandam Katias, Achmad Affandi


The increasing competition in the manufacturing industry caused increasing inconsumer
demand of the quality and quantity of a good product. Therefore, manufacturing companies must
have reliable services, policies and product qualities to satisfy its customers. So it needs to be
supported by efficient production system and inventory system. To able to create an efficient production system then need a good raw material inventory planning. This research aims to compere
how efficiently in planning raw materials inventory between Wagner-Within Algorithm with the
actual concept that applied to PT X, Sidoarjo. The methodology of this research is qualitative
descriptive research. The findings this research is engaged in packaging (woven bag and jumbo bag)
with main raw materials such as plastic ore and supporting material in inner, thread, additive, and
pigment. Based on the result of the analysis is known that the actual concept of the company gives
the total inventory cost IDR with the frequency of ordering 12 times while WagnerWithin Algorithm method provides a more efficient total inventory cost of Rp. 2.685.821.101 with
8 times the frequency of ordering and can savings of 14.8% of total raw material inventory cost.

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