Moch Afif Rosdianto, Mokh Suef, Endah Angreni


A Project could be told success if it had a capability to fulfill a project’s goal, which was
project could be done either in time or do not have a major lateness. Many things were affecting
project buildings processing. This research purpose was to analyze whose causing lateness for
apartment buildings project event in Surabaya. To analyze so many cause lateness event would be
needed a systematic method approach. This research’s method was used a Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
Method which was used to seek cause event and the probability of lateness. Not only two of those
methods, but also expert judgment technique was conducted by using questionnaire to seek probability

and to analyze variable cause event. As a result of FTA method was obtained a very high
probability of lateness with the main cause event was classified into 4 groups, were caused by owner,
caused by supervising consultants, caused by contractor, and caused by environment cir-cumstances.
From four of those main causes was obtained some results, first of all from owner’s perspective were a
lot of assignment alteration and late payment installment to contractor, second of all from supervising
consultants’ perspective was a checklist survey result in certain area, the contractor’s work could not
be continued because of such a certain things, third of all from contractor’s perspective was caused by
inaccurate work method, and the last of all from environ-ment circumstances was the local people felt
so agitated because of the project location to close to them.

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