Helena Sidharta, Ruswiati Surya Saputra, Noor Azizi B. Ismail


Entrepreneurial competence is an important variable that affects the success of an entrepreneur.

Factors affecting entrepreneurial competence need to be researched because of strong
competence needed by an entrepreneur to achieve success. Based on the literature study, education,
entrepreneurial personality and parenting style are indicated to influence entrepreneurial competence.

Further studies show that entrepreneurial personality and parenting style require further
research because the relationship between these two variables and entrepreneurial competence needs
to be understood more deeply. The result of this research is proposition development to further test the
relationship between entrepreneurial personality, parenting style, and entrepreneur-ial competence.
Furthermore, based on indicators used in previous studies, testing is suggested using structural
equation modeling (SEM) because entrepreneurial personality is measured using Big Five Personality
and entrepreneurial competence is measured using indicators from Man & Lau (2000) so that the
indicators of both variables included in the unobserved variable.

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